• Saturday, August 21, 2021

Hi, We offer the cheapest license services in the hosting market where we have already more than thousands of active clients and more than 2500 servers are using our shared license system. our pricing may be a bit expensive than other shared providers but the reason is only our license is most stable license system and we have multi-license systems and we provide 100% realtime WhatsApp Support 11 AM to 8 PM /7 days. even our clients are paying us more by hiring us for their servers managment and maintaining their servers and 20% of clients are paying us extra on their own will because they think we provide them quickly license service in shared license service. 


Our Server Management Service is Available Now.

Management of cPanel Server and cPanel License Stability. 45$/month

Management of Plesk Server and Plesk License Stability. 45$/month

Hosting Client Support Management  200$/month Dialy 2 hours(in this service our experts will provide support to your hosting clients and manage all your ticket support request and fix your client's issue)