Hi, in a recent update Cpanel has set a limit on trial on Cpanel trial which affects all shared license systems, and now Cpanel shared license is not working anymore in an automatic process. now every license needs to activate manually until we update our services. 

cPanel Limit on Trial 30 account. 

For our existing clients they can create tickets or join WhatsApp support.

for new visitors, please don't buy a license it will not work, please contact us on Whatsapp or create a ticket. 



Please Note: We have updated Licensing Pricing because the process become manual. our license price for VPS is 15$ and for dedicated 20$ until we remove the automation process, but if still, you want to buy our license the price will be applied and you need to contact us on Whatsapp or create a ticket


Thank you

Dinsdag, Oktober 12, 2021

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