• Sunday, October 17, 2021

WHMCS 8.0.3 Now Available

What's new in WHMCS 8.0
  • Sell Pre Installed WordPress Hosting 
  • Automatic WordPress Setup using whmcs
  • Users and Client Accounts - Users are the new way to log in and share access to accounts 
  • New Look Admin Area - A simplified, refined and optimised admin experience
  • Email Delivery Providers - For increased email reliability and deliverability 
  • New Email Campaign Tool - Giving you more powerful bulk email functionality
  • Improved Currency Support - Support for 3 decimal places in tax rates Learn more
  • Time-Based Token Two-Factor Improvements - Providing a better UX around second-factor security
  • Easier Cron Setup & Automation Management - A simplified cron experience with proactive alerts for issues
  • Transaction Reporting - Giving you greater insights into business performance

New Minimum PHP Requirement  for WHMCS 8.0 requires PHP 7.3 or later